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Buy Scottish 28 Day, Dry Aged Beef Online

Buy Scottish beef online from Meat No Veg and we will deliver to you our handpicked selection of the finest Scottish dry aged beef. Beef from British breeds, sourced from only the most reputable farms. Buy beef online from us and you know you will be getting dry aged beef from farms that are renowned for their exceptional animal husbandry and welfare. When you buy grass and grain fed beef you're getting a good fat covering and marbling on the meat, ensuring it will be mouth-wateringly tender and succulent - the way beef lovers prefer it to be.

Buy beef online from Meat No Veg and you will receive a butcher delivery of the finest beef full of tenderness and flavour. Our dry aged beef has been matured for 28 days to fully enhance the flavour. All beef has to meet or surpass our rigid quality standards before being prepared and trimmed to perfection by our master butchers.

At Meat No Veg we are passionate about ensuring standards are kept high. We use individual batch codes to show that 100% of our meat is traceable. So we can vouch for the background and pedigree of the meat.

Our guarantee is that when you buy beef online from Meat No Veg you can be confident you will receive dry aged beef of the finest quality, each and every time.

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