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BEEF BRISKET - hung for 28 days

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Scottish beef, British cattle breeds, matured for 28 days approx. 2kg (4lb 6oz), 3kg (6lb 9oz) and 4kg (8lb 13oz).

All our beef brisket is from prime British cattle breeds reared on grass and corn, on the world's best beef farms in Scotland. Every cut is high quality meat that is fully certificated to identify the animal origin. Brisket is an inexpensive boneless cut taken from the breast section behind the fore shank of the animal. It provides exceptional flavour and texture and offers excellent value.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Place in fridge as soon as you receive your delivery. Place it in the coldest part of the fridge.

Freezer: Freeze as soon as you get your delivery. Defrost completely before cooking. It can be kept for up to four months.

Cooks tips

Beef brisket should be slow-cooked for best results. For a medium cooked joint, a cooking time of around 45 minutes per kilo (20 minutes per pound) is recommended, at 180°C/356°F/ or gas mark 4; longer if you prefer your beef well done. It can be cooked in the oven or slowly pot roasted on a hob for traditional boiled beef and carrots.

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