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DICED LAMB - great tasting meat

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Fresh, diced lamb from best cuts of leg, packed in approx. 500g (1Ib 1oz) bags.

Sourced from reputable farms where the lambs are reared on healthy pasture and are free to roam, our delicious hand diced lamb is taken from the leg muscle which gives a great tasting meat.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Place it immediately in the fridge.

Freezer: The meat can be frozen for 3 months maximum. Pack in a suitable rigid container or heavy-duty polythene bag, label and date.

Cooks tips

Although superb for casseroles, there is a huge variety of different things that can be done with diced lamb. Fried or grilled, throw it into a stew, it’s so versatile and easy to cook that there are superb curries and even pasta dishes that you can create; just let your imagination run wild. Our butcher’s secret tip is that this lamb really benefits from a marinade.

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