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LAMB CANON - fabulously lean

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With fat and sinew removed and is approx. 200g (7oz)

Lamb canons are 100% pure tender meat. These fabulously lean cuts of meat just ooze flavour. Our butchers know their craft and take them from the best end of fillet. They are from the eye of the saddle with all the fat and sinew removed. Canon of lamb is so juicy, sweet tender and you’ll want to order two and keep one handy in your freezer.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Refrigerate lamb canon whilst fresh, keep covered and use within 3 days.

Freezer: These cuts are safe to freeze; pack in airtight freezer polythene, label and defrost thoroughly before cooking. 

Cooks tips

It can be grilled or flash pan fried for a simple and deliciously tasty dish. They need very little preparation. Try lamb canon cut into miniature steaks or medallions, fried in a little butter, with a spot of olive oil, garlic and herbs

Alternatively, seal in hot cooking oil or butter, then coat lightly in a smooth paste made from chopped onion and fresh mushrooms. For a real gourmet feel, wrap in pastry, bake in the oven, add garnish and you have a superb lamb en croute. If roasting in the oven preheat to 200°C / Gas mark 5 and cook at 20 min per lb. (1/2kg)

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