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LAMB LOIN CHOPS - with T-shaped bone

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About 2.5cm (1”) thick, in packs of 2 – minimum weight 250g (9oz)

Sourced from reputable farms where the lambs roam free on healthy pasture. Our master butcher is proud of these lamb loin chops, extra lean with a thin layer of fat on the outer edge. This thin layer of fat also brings out the fantastic flavours. They are a generous proportion of fillet and loin-eye, which have been cut from the chump and best end, and left on the bone to give maximum flavour. 

Storage and handling

Fridge: Refrigerate your fresh lamb loin chops on arrival.

Freezer: When freezing pack in suitable quantities, separated with waxed paper. Place in a rigid container or sealed vacuum freezer bag, label and date.

Cooks tips

These chops are best grilled or pan fried. For those who prefer something more subtle, they are quick and easy to marinade and go exceptionally well with asparagus and new potatoes. Another treat is to serve them with fresh green salad, crusty bread and break open the red wine. For winter warming simplicity, serve with mint sauce, petit pois, creamy mashed potato and lots of gravy.

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