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LAMB RACK - French trimmed

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French trimmed, sold individually (8 bone), pack weight approx. 450g (1Ib)

A rack of lamb is the equivalent of prime rib beef steak. Packed with juicy flavour, it releases a full, rich taste when roasted. Our lamb rack is melt in the mouth tender. At Meat No Veg we offer these individually: 8 bone pieces of prime lamb, beautifully French trimmed. On the bottom end there is a thick, round piece of meat and the long bones stand up from the rack. Once you cut it, it’s just like a chop. When prepared by a master butcher with expertise in his craft, these juicy racks of lamb create a stunning centrepiece.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Store in the fridge straight after delivery and cook the following day.

Freezer: Freeze your rack of lamb on the day of purchase and eat within 3 months.

Cooks tips

Take care not to overcook a rack of lamb or cook it at too high a temperature, as the bones can burn and crumble. Our secret is to sear the lamb quickly over a hot fire then drop the heat to let the centre roast. This will create the lovely caramelised crust, keeping the middle tender and juicy.

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