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LAMB RUMPS - a restaurant favourite

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Lamb Rumps are fresh, individually packed, with a weight of approx. 226g (8oz).

Lamb rumps are a delightful cut of meat for a great roasting joint. It comprises a solid square of prime muscle with a thin fat covering on the top. The fat adds to the excellent flavour of this superb, substantial cut of lamb. Our experienced butcher prepares this succulent rump joint from the chump. Only the finest quality lamb is used, selected from lambs that have been grazing in clean air, roaming on lush green grass.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Refrigerate lamb rump after purchase and wrap it well.

Freezer: Freeze in suitable airtight packaging and thaw thoroughly before cooking.

Cooks tips

Lamb rumps are so full of flavour, are a great alternative roasting joint They are almost pure meat and the skin on the top crisps up a treat.

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