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LAMB SADDLE BONELESS - finest quality lamb

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Large prime joint comprising both loins, approx. 1kg (2Ib 3oz)

Only the finest quality lamb is used, selected from lambs that have been grazing in clean air, roaming on lush green grass. This is a large prime joint comprising both loins and is cut from the best end to the legs. Layering the meat in creamy fat means you get that extra delicious lamb flavour. This joint, has a first rate texture and rich taste that is hard to match. It’s great for roasting and definitely one for getting those taste buds working. It’s sweet, it’s gorgeous; it’s great.

Storage and handling

Fridge: After delivery, refrigerate for 3 days, well covered, before cooking.

Freezer: Freeze on day of purchase, well wrapped and sealed in airtight polythene or suitable container. Use up to a maximum of 6 months, defrost thoroughly, preferably in the fridge overnight.

Cooks tips

This succulent lamb saddle is perfect for roasting. It can be cooked for a special occasion and is boneless for ease of carving. Young spring lamb is popular at Easter and this is our busiest time of year for this joint. Marinate with carrots, onions, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns, mace and malt vinegar.

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