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PIGEON BREAST - Locally sourced

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Locally sourced, packed in pairs.

Meat No Veg wood pigeon breasts are locally sourced and offer an interesting alternative to chicken. Beware, pigeons are small, it is recommended that for each person, two breasts are required. When cooked properly, pigeon breasts are a flavoursome alternative to more familiar meats. Pigeon breasts are also a good source of vitamin B3.

For convenience, our game butchers have prepared these in individual packs containing a brace that can be served as an ideal portion for one person.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Place in the fridge until required.

Freezer: Freeze on day of purchase and defrost before use.

Cooks tips

Pigeon is a versatile meat that can be served as a tasty casserole, as a warm starter with salad, be added to pies or even used as a sandwich filling. Pigeon breasts are highly flavoured and ideal when pan fried in a little oil and best when cooked slightly pink. For a quick alternative sandwich; finely chop some bacon and onions and fry in a little butter. Flatten the pigeon breasts using a meat mallet and gently sauté the pigeon in a little oil or butter until they are just slightly pink. Serve in warm pitta bread with a little mustard. Be careful not to overcook your pigeon breasts as this will dry out the flesh and can make the meat a little tough.

Another refreshing suggestion is to pan fry the pigeon breasts in a little garlic, thyme and lemon juice. Blend some natural yoghurt and mint in a blender and use as a dressing over the thinly sliced pigeon breast and serve with chopped cucumber as a filling in warm pita bread.

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