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When you buy pork online from Meat No Veg, you can be assured that we only use meat that comes from livestock reared outdoors, on small farms in the Essex countryside. For a truly traditional flavour, the pigs are left to roam and root for their food. Our pork has a good fat cover to capture that subtle sweet taste and tenderness, so renowned of quality pork. Meat is hung for 5 days before being cut and prepared. Meat No Veg supply pork for sale in a variety of cuts, but the flavour and tenderness remains the same, succulent.

Sometimes customers ask, “do you have rare breed pork for sale?” And, here at Smithfield market, (the largest meat market in the UK) they have come to just the right place, as we are almost always able to help. So, however unusual your request, just ask. You can contact us on 0207 855 9655 or use the contact us form.

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