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PORK FILLET - a choice cut

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Outdoor reared in the UK - Packed individually. approx. 0.45kg (1Ib)

Pork fillet is one of the most prized cuts of pork and is recommended by our master butchers. Pork fillet or tenderloin as it is sometimes called, is lean and tender. It’s a long, thin cylindrical cut, usually around 6-8cm in diameter.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Place in the coldest part of the fridge. Use within three days.

Freezing: Store in your freezer for 6 months. Wrap in heavy duty polythene bags, seal well and thaw thoroughly before cooking. 

Cooks tips

This is a choice cut for the Sunday roast yet it can easily be braised, grilled or even fried in your favourite sauce. It can be used for succulent kebabs and stir fries too. You can cut it to half its thickness, then spread with a tasty filling and roll up.

Try pot roasting in the traditional Normandy style with onions, apples and cider which is an excellent way to cook it. Pork flambé with apricots is a favourite for many, or try pork with apple stuffing, which is a classic dish, that never dates.

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