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TURKEY BREAST - from England

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From outdoor UK birds, with skin - approx. 1.5kg (3Ib 5oz) or 2kg (4Ib 6oz)

Our turkey breast comes from fresh turkeys and is supplied bound and with its skin on, ready to go straight into the oven. This prime cut of meat has come from fresh turkeys that have been allowed to live as nature intended, in the gentle English countryside. Turkey breast is lean, juicy and full of nutrients, boasting lower saturated fats than many other meats as well as being high in protein. This leads to a tender bird that is full of flavour.

Storage and handling

Fridge: Place in the centre of the coldest part of the fridge as soon as it arrives and consume within 2 days.

Freezer: Freeze within 2 days and take care to ensure it is tightly wrapped in thick polythene or a freezer bag. Consume within 3 months and defrost thoroughly before cooking. 

Cooks tips

Turkey breast is best as the crowning centrepiece of a traditional roast dinner. Prepare by covering it in a thin layer of garlic infused butter and stuffing with sage, tarragon and rosemary. Turkey breast also works well braised, baked, stewed or even in a casserole. Try roasting with all the traditional trimmings and serving with a rich and tart cranberry sauce.

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