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When it comes to animals, we truly believe at Meat No Veg that the taste of the meat is defined by the life of the animal it came from. What it ate and how it lived. Happy, healthy calves move around, they grow muscle and as they eat a balanced diet, their bodies get what they need - as nature intended. This produces meat with a pinker tinge to it, which is known as "rose veal". So, when you buy veal online form us you only get humanely reared Rose Veal, which meets high animal welfare standards and as a result produces great tasting meat.

Veal is a gentle meat, with a texture somewhere between chicken and pork it has a lightweight beefy flavour. Unlike other red meats, its paler colour and more delicate taste is often liked by people who avoid red meat.

Buy Veal Online from Meat No Veg for a great tasting meal.