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VEAL ESCALOPE - beautifully tender

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Dutch rose veal, packed individually approx. 200g. (7oz)

Duch Rose Veal has been reared on hand-picked farms that ensure the welfare of their calves is paramount. These herds are reared in a social environment and fed balanced diets of multigrain and milk. When calves are contented this reflects in the exceptional quality of the veal they produce and we believe that our Rose veal is the best available. The escalope is a thin slice of veal, pale pink in colour and beautifully tender.

The unprecedented quality of this veal is reflected in its price - and to keep costs competitive we only sell this in quantities of 10 packs

Storage and handling

Fridge: Place in the fridge, in the coolest place until required

Freezer: Freeze as soon as you receive them and defrost completely before use. Can be kept for up to six months. 

Cooks tips

Similar to veal cutlets, the escalope can be used for a variety of delicious recipes. We recommend gently pan frying with the escalope either coated with bread crumbs as a Wiener schnitzel or as scallopina Milanese, or alternatively it can be layered with cheese and ham as veal Cordon Bleu or can be lightly dusted with flour and cooked without any coating and served with a lemon sauce.