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WILD BOAR STEAKS - free roaming

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Free roaming animals, supplied boneless with fat trimmed, approx. 200gm (7oz)

Wild boar has a similar texture to pork, although it has a more delicious and flavour intense taste. Our wild boar steaks are boneless, trimmed of excess fat and supplied in convenient individual portions. These steaks represent excellent value for money. Wild boar offers something a little more sophisticated than more traditional meats and is ideal for serving when entertaining guests.

As with all the meat we supply; our wild boar steaks are high quality, lean cuts from free-roaming animals that have been carefully reared on environmentally friendly estates specifically selected for the high quality of their meat. Note that unlike our other meat this product arrives frozen due to the low order volumes.

Storage and Handling

Fridge: In the coldest part for up to two days. Make sure it is defrosted before use.

Freezer: Can be kept in your freezer for up to six months. Thaw thoroughly at room temperature before cooking.

Cooks tips

Wild boar can be cooked using much the same methods as for pork. It’s best when cooked slowly to preserve the full flavour and tenderness but care should be taken to ensure that it is not overcooked. Unlike pork, wild boar can be served a little on the rare side. Excellent when pan fried in a little oil or butter, grilled or barbequed with or without marinating.

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