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Icons explained


UK flag - Ethically sourced meat from some of the finest, quality farms in Britain, that really care for animal welfare.


Scottish flag – Ethically sourced meat from some of the finest quality farms in Scotland, that really care for animal welfare.


French flag - Ethically sourced meat from some of the finest quality farms in France, that really care for animal welfare.


Dutch flag - Ethically sourced meat from some of the finest quality farms in Dutch, that really care for animal welfare.


Argentinian flag - Ethically sourced meat from some of the finest quality farms in Argentina, that really care for animal welfare.


Finest quality - At Meat No Veg we have a fresh, finest, quality meat guarantee. “We guarantee every delivery will provide you with only the finest quality meat.  Our butchers are determined to maintain our reputation for delivering on flavour and tenderness and aim to impress you with our fresh meat delivery”.


100% Traceable – All our meat comes from quality farms. And part of that quality is about traceability. All our meat is 100% traceable, right from the herd the animal is born into, the farm it has been raised on, where it has been slaughtered and where the meat has been prepared and packed. There you have it, traceability form farm to plate. At Meat No Veg we aim to have the shortest possible food chain, so we can all be reassured of the provenance of our meat.


Free range – This product has been ethically sourced form farms who raise their animals as they should be. Free to roam outside in the fresh country air, with access to good quality food/water and cared for with kindness.


Outdoor reared – These piglets are born and live outside in farmers fields, where they are free to move about and snuffle around. Along with other pigs, they live outside for about half their lives. They are fed, watered and sheltered in the fields, and are given generous minimum space allowances per pig. The breeding sows are kept outside in fields for the vast majority of their lives.


Matured 28 days – This product has been dry air matured for 28 days, in rooms where we carefully monitor humidity levels, air circulation and temperature. Our meat is matured whole, on the bone, because so much of the meats taste actually comes from the bone and bone marrow. This process intensifies the meats flavour. It makes the meat really tender, succulent and tasty. This maturing process is the secret behind prime cuts of meat used in top restaurants.

However, lots of meat sold in the UK is only matured for just a few days due to the costs involved. Also, during the maturing process, the meat losses moisture. So a piece of beef that hasn’t been hung, will weigh more than a piece that has, due to its extra water content.

So how does it work? Well, as meat ages, its enzymes start to break down its muscle fibres, making the meat softer.  The results are all in the tastes – tender, beautiful succulent meat with a full, strong flavour.

hung3.jpg Hung for flavour - Most game gives its best taste and flavour after hanging -  This means leaving the game hanging in cool conditions before plucking or skinning. It is difficult to give exact times as it depends on the air temperature at the time and the age of the game. But as a rule, our game is hung for a minimum of  two days.

Freezable – This product is is delivered to you fresh and is suitable for home freezing. Please look at the product information detailed on our web site for more specific handling instructions for this product.