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Our Meat

Our fresh, finest, quality meat guaranteeImage-of-butcher-meat-online-guarentee-logo

“We guarantee every delivery will provide you with only the finest quality meat.  Our butchers are determined to maintain our reputation for delivering on flavour and tenderness and aim to impress you with our fresh meat delivery. Whilst delivering our guarantee, we also try to source from only UK farmers”.

With its individual batch code, 100% of your fresh meat delivery can be traced back to where it originated, (mainly from the UK). This allows us to ensure it came from approved sources, which consistently achieve and maintain our high quality standards.

Our meat sourcing policy for your feash meat delivery

Here at Meat No Veg we try to be as ethical as possible when sourcing our meat for your online meat delivery.

Our first loyalty is to the animals. We believe the life the animal led reflects in the taste of the meat. Therefore, when you order your online meat delivery from Meat no Veg, you will know it comes from farmers that have high animal welfare standards and a reputation for producing the finest meat in the world.

Our second loyalty is to the traditional butchers skills. We know it takes years of experience and training to be good at preparing great cuts of meat. Knowing how to hang the meat for the right time, in optimum conditions, storing the meat and packaging it correctly, is all essential to ensure we can deliver to you a great tasting piece of meat every time. We make sure all our staff are trained and qualified and kept up-to-date in all these skills.

Our third loyalty is to you the customer. Without the first two, we can’t guarantee a great product for you. But it’s about more than just the product. Our online meat delivery service needs to be reliable and at a price that gives you great value. That’s why our customer service is very important to us. We also want to make sure we buy meat at a good price every time, so ensuring your online meat delivery is always great value for money.

Our final loyalty is to UK farmers. Wherever possible we like to buy from UK farmers. In fact, all our pork, lamb and beef* is from the UK as are the vast majority of our other products. However, sometimes we simply can’t get the quality of meat in the volumes we need, just when we need it. So we have to import. But here at Meat No Veg, we aim to only import if we can’t find a British equivalent available at the time, of the right quality and quantity and at the right price. This ensures we can maintain our quality reputation, at the right price for you.

With all of this, you can be assured that when you buy butcher meat online form Meat No Veg you will get a fresh meat delivery, from a quality butcher who takes pride in providing the best quality meat possible, at a great price, for all its online meat delivery customers.


* Note: Picanha steak is one of the most popular cuts of beef eaten in Latin America, especially Brazil, rarely seen in the Britian we source this only cut from out side the UK.