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Our Traditional Values

We believe that great tasting fresh meat relies on four key elements:

  • Traditional animal breeds

  • Outstanding animal welfare

  • Traditional butchers

  • And of course, how it’s cooked.

Because we want to be the best online butcher around, the meat from Meat No Veg is top quality through and through. Unlike meat from other online butcher shops, it simply tastes great. Whether it’s been simply roasted or gourmet prepared, thrown on the BBQ or in a hot pot, prepared at home or in a restaurant, our meat tastes wonderful.

Traditional animal breeds

Our beef is specially selected from old fashioned breeds of cattle like Hereford, Devon Red Rubys, Galloways, Black Angus, Highlands and Welsh Blacks. These traditional breeds have been specially bred for their meat (not for milk) for centuries. They have a good covering of fat, which gives the meat a succulent flavour and tenderness.

Our pork is produced from outdoor reared pig breeds such as Middle Whites, Landraces, Old Spots, & Hampshire Hogs. These breeds also produce a good covering of fat to give succulent meat and really crispy crackling!

Our veal is Rose Veal from animals that have been reared on hand-picked farms that ensure the welfare of their calves is paramount. These herds are in a social environment and are fed balanced diets. When calves are contented this reflects in the exceptional quality of the veal they produce and we believe that our rose veal is the best available.

Lamb from Meat No Veg is of premium quality. The meat is sourced from reputable farms where the lambs are reared on healthy pasture and free to roam. This gives the meat the special sweet succulence that makes so many people return for more. The lamb is lean with an adequate covering of fat.

Outstanding animal welfare

We believe that all livestock should be allowed to live as naturally as possible. To freely roam in open air, on pastureland where it can graze throughout the year, in a natural environment, stress free. We are committed to ensuring that our livestock is reared in the best conditions and our farmers are responsible for continually monitoring the well-being of their stock. We pride ourselves in only working with suppliers who understand the importance of breeding, feeding and the welfare of the animals they rear.

Traditional butchers

Our master butchers are time served craftsmen with years of experience and training in how to prepare the finest cuts from carefully sourced product. The skill they apply to their work ensures the highest standards, which will satisfy even the most discerning of customers. Above all, we are traditional butchers using skills learned and passed down from generation to generation.

Here at Smithfield market our highly skilled butchers make sure that at every stage of the process, our meat is always maintained to the highest standards. Our knowledgeable and experienced Smithfield butchers individually hand-select all of the pork, beef and lamb. Where needed, they ensure it’s dry aged. Our beef joints and steaks are always hung for 28 days. And then, to ensure its longevity and freshness it is vacuum-packed ready for delivery. These highly skilled butchers make sure that at every stage, our meat always meets the highest standards.

Additionally we believe good taste comes from meat not tampered with. We don’t freeze it, we don’t add anything. We just do what experience has shown time and again is the right thing to do if you want to produce great tasting fresh meat.

How you receive your meat box delivery is just as important to our butchers as the meat itself. We guarantee you will receive your delivery in perfect condition. Nothing is too much trouble for us. We are committed to making sure our customers are satisfied when it comes to producing and delivering our meat.

Relationships with our customers are very important and we believe in nurturing these throughout the process. If you wish to discuss any element of your purchase, or our delivery process, please feel free to get in touch and one of our team of friendly and knowledgeable butchers will be more than willing to answer your queries.

We have a very comprehensive range of products on our website. However, this does not represent the full product range we are able to supply. If you can’t see something you want, or have a special requirement, please use the contact us page and we are certain we will be able to help you.