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Venison Fillets with Creme De Cassis Sauce Recipe


• 3 venison saddle fillets, each weighing about 3oz/85g
• 2 fl oz/55ml crème de cassis
• 1 fl oz/30ml brandy
• 1 venison sausage, casing removed and discarded
• 3½fl oz/100ml venison stock or good quality beef stock
• 1 tbsp fresh or dried cranberries
• 1 tbsp chestnuts, peeled and mashed
• 2 heart-shaped croutons, to serve
• 1 tbsp venison or game pâte
• 1 tbsp redcurrent jelly
• watercress, to garnish
• 1oz/30g butter
•2 tbsp olive oil

How to prepare

1.    Heat approximately half of the butter and olive oil in a small frying pan.

2.    Add the three venison fillets and fry, over a high heat, for about a minute. Then turn them over and fry for a further 3-4 minutes depending on how well you like your steaks.

3.    Pour in the brandy and, once the flame has died, remove the fillets from the pan and place on a warm plate.

4.    To make the sauce, pour the crème de cassis and the stock into a small pan, and season well. Leave the sauce over the heat until it has thickened and reduced.

5.    Meanwhile, handmake a small patty by combining the sausage meat,     chestnuts and cranberries.

6.    Heat the remaining butter and oil in a small frying pan.

7.    Add the patty and fry this for 2 to 3 minutes on both sides.

10.    Take the two heart-shaped croutons and spread them first with pâte, and then with the redcurrant jelly.

11.    Pour your crème de cassis sauce over the venison.

12.    Add the croutons and the patty , garnish with a sprig of watercress and  serve.

Eat & enjoy