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Your meat box delivery

How is my order packed?

On the very day we dispatch your order, our master butchers individually hand-select, cut and prepare all the fresh meat for you. Next, to maintain its freshness, it’s vacuum-packed and placed in temperature controlled packing boxes, so the meat stays in perfect condition. Lab tests have been carried out on our packaging, so you can be sure that the meat remains at the right temperature for at least 48 hours.

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A note on Vacuum packing

Vacuum packing is a great way to keep meat fresh, and saves space in your fridge too. It works by reducing the air around the meat, so it can’t react with it.

When you first open the pack the meat may have a slightly unusual smell and colour, but there is nothing to worry about. Unwrap it and let it stand for about half an hour. The changes are caused by the lack of oxygen around the meat, so once it’s open to the air, the smell will disappear and the colour will bloom.                                                                                            

When do you deliver?


  • We normally send deliveries within 48 hours of ordering, Tuesday to Friday.
  • We can deliver on Saturdays. However, there will be a surcharge for this facility.
  • You can select a delivery date when ordering.
  • We aim for all deliveries to be made before 1pm.
  • We use national couriers to deliver your order, on a day convenient  to you.
  • We will provide you with confirmation of your required delivery day.
  • Our ‘cut off’ time for orders is 8pm most days
  • There MAY be a charge for a faileddelivery.

When do I have to place my order?

You can place your order any time day or night, but if you have a specific event you are buying for, it is worth considering our delivery schedules below.

  • Sunday before 8pm will be delivered Tuesday or as requested.
  • Monday before 8pm will be delivered Wednesday or as requested.
  • Tuesday before 8pm will be delivered Thursday or as requested.
  • Wednesday before 8pm will be delivered Friday or as requested.
  • Thursday before 8pm will be delivered Tuesday or as requested.
  • Friday before 8pm will be delivered Tuesday or as requested
  • Saturday before 8pm will be delivered Tuesday or as requested.

NOTE: Saturday deliveries are possible at an additional cost.

Bank holidays are a non working day

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver anywhere in mainland UK.

How can I help make the delivery go smoothly?

It is important that upon ordering you provide us with as much information as possible, i.e. leave with neighbour at 33, top floor flat, put behind gate etc. It is preferable for your order to be accepted personally by you - perhaps a delivery at work is practical?

There MAY be a charge for a failed delivery.

What are your delivery charges?

We now offer FREE standard Delivery on all orders of £50.00 or more.

For orders under that amount delivery is a standard £12.50

What should I do if my order does not arrive?

Should you have any enquiries about delivery please use the email link below or use the contact us facility on the website. We will track your delivery for you.

If you have a question about your delivery contact us via email